Conditions of participation & liability

With the registration the participant accepts the conditions of participation of this event.

Thus, the participant expressly declares that he/she will comply with the FIS rules without exception when participating in the "Dachsteinlauf". The organizer reserves the right to exclude participants who behave improperly in any way from the event, in this case the participant has no claim whatsoever against the organizer.

It is forbidden to throw away waste along the track. 

By participating, the participant fully accepts all the conditions of participation of the organizer. Participation is at your own risk and responsibility!

The participant declares that he/she has trained sufficiently, is physically healthy and has had his/her health checked by a doctor. Each participant has to take care that he/she is insured against liability and accidents.

Each participant bears civil and criminal responsibility for any personal injury, property damage and financial loss caused by him/her and undertakes to indemnify and hold harmless the organizer and its bodies entrusted with the implementation of the event from any civil or criminal liability in this context. The organizer and the bodies entrusted with the execution of the event reject any liability for accidents of any kind and the resulting claims both on the part of the participants and on the part of third parties. The organizer is not liable for damages or lost objects.

The organizer is not responsible that the chosen route is available without restrictions during the whole period. In case of cancellation, interruption, changes or shortening of the route, there is no claim against the organizer. 

With the registration the participant agrees that ...

the personal and address data are stored and processed electronically and may be published.
the organizer - or partners commissioned by him - may make interviews, photos, video and TV recordings and these may be used without restriction and for an unlimited period of time.
the address data may be used for advertising purposes by the organizer and may also be passed on to sponsors.
With the registration the participant confirms that ...

name, year of birth and place of residence are true.
The organizer reserves the right to make changes to the conditions of participation. All official changes and notifications will be published on the homepage

The last published conditions have ultimate validity and are binding.